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Thai plantar reflexology

The origins of Thai massage date back more than 2500 years, then it was adapted and spread by Buddhist monks. In the 2nd century BC this massage arrived in Thailand where it became part of traditional Thai medicine.


Thai Plantar Reflexology is a gentle and natural therapy that consists of exerting pressure on certain skin areas, mainly the  feet and legs . It brings deep relaxation , which has the effect of reducing nervous tension and states of slight anxiety. Reflexology also stimulates the body's natural self-healing process . It is particularly effective when combined with relaxation.


Thai plantar reflexology combines enveloping maneuvers with pressure and sliding touches , from the toes to above the knee. Bends and stretches complete this treatment performed with oil and a wooden stick, while you are comfortably seated in a relax chair or lying on a mat.  Light legs, relaxed and hydrated feet, loose joints, 30 mins - 1 hour of deep relaxation, you leave rested and energized .




1h - 60€

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