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Maternity Massage


Also called prenatal massage, massage for pregnant women has been specially designed to meet the needs of women during pregnancy. It relieves the body by providing it with the means to cope with the physical, hormonal and emotional upheavals caused by pregnancy.


The ideal complement to health care during pregnancy, massage for pregnant women has proven therapeutic efficacy. It relaxes the future mother physically and psychologically and can be used to facilitate childbirth .


When to perform the massage of the future mother?

The massage for pregnant women is especially indicated after the stabilization of the fetus, that is to say beyond three months of pregnancy.  :

  • Before that, it is better to deprive yourself of it because the physical, hormonal and emotional changes of the woman are still important.

  • Having a massage during this period can indeed accentuate these upheavals which can alter the fixation of the fetus.

  • After this stage, the massage only brings benefits for the future mother and of course for the fetus.


Future Moms Massage Session

1 hour session - 70€   


D vailable at home (travel) or firm




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