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Prepare for your session


This session is your moment. Take the time and be aware of finally being present to have all the benefits of massage.


Siri will first consult you about your physical, mental, and emotional health; this consultation allows both the client and practitioner to determine which points the session will focus on.


During the massage, it helps to focus on your breathing. Each inhalation draws fresh energy and inspiration into your body and mind. And each exhalation is an opportunity to dissolve tension, to dissociate from whatever is limiting you, and to heighten your experience of relaxation.


If you feel anything uncomfortable, feel free to communicate it at any time during the massage.


It is important to drink plenty of water after a massage because it enhances the detoxification process.


Kahuna Siri massage is a powerful form of healing that affects everyone differently. In the days following a massage, you may experience a number of emotions as various energies are still moving and flowing. There is no need to worry about it. Simply observe your emotions without being taken advantage of by them and let them flow.


The healing/cleansing and rebalancing effect on your body and mind can be felt for several weeks after treatment.

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