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Kahuna Siri praticienne formatrice de massages du monde certifié
Siri Hauritz


UQ Ba (Anthropology )

MI Dip (Ka Huna Bodywork)

SNHS Dip (Aromatherapy)

SNHS Dip (Nutrition)
ACC Dip (Group Teacher)
Cert 4 (Specialized sports and nature educator)

The little story of practitioner, consultant and founder of the training center

« Kahuna Siri Massages International School of Massage Training in the World »

Siri Hauritz

Thank you very much for your interest in my art of massage.  Welcome to my little story about my life experiences that taught me to be who I am and create my art to share with you.

My journey and my passion for massage began at the age of 7 with my family and loved ones. I had burning hands and the desire to soothe the suffering of others. I quickly discovered that it was all about my hands and my heart.

I was born in Australia and as a teenager life took me to Asia where I had the chance to encounter various Eastern cultures, philosophies and healing therapies. At the end of my school course specializing in music and theater, my interest and my knowledge of other cultures grew and I therefore passed a degree in Anthropology.  

Never forgetting my passion for the artistic world, I continued my studies and practices in the show as a festival organizer. After a few years of intense work for these festive events, I returned to the practice of Yoga and dance. This is how I met an acupuncturist, who directed me towards the training of body therapies and massages of the world.

After my first massage training, it was obvious that my life was destined to be a wellness massage practitioner. I continued my travels to study the art of body therapy around the world and received my diplomas after in-depth learning in several schools accredited by various associations of internationally recognized therapists.

After more than 13 years of professional practice and 33 years of laying on of hands, I created my own massage "Kahuna Siri Massage". This art of massage brings together all my skills in body and holistic therapy. It is an art that I practice and I teach. In 2017, I founded the first school of this type of massage in France. Kahuna Siri International Massage Training School of the World

I accompany you, advise you and guide you with gentleness and love, whether you are the massaged person or the student.

Looking forward to sharing this transformative journey with you.







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