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Pohaku: Hot Stone Massage









This is an example of the enthusiasm that man has always had for the medical use of stones. In China, in 2000 BC, heated stones were used to relax the muscles and the whole body and more recently Russian healing practices taught to lie on a bed of stones before a massage to benefit from their relaxing properties. The benefits of a mini-sauna combined with a massage that drains, detoxifies, relaxes and relaxes the muscles.


Traditional hot stone massage releases the physical and emotional tensions of the body, fights against all manifestations of stress, rebalances the body as a whole, preserves the "vitality" capital.


Practical advice and warnings

This method is recommended mainly for big fans of heat. Indeed, the hot stones will provide the same sensation as a dry heat bath, just like a mini sauna. Practiced mainly in autumn or winter, when the outside temperatures make you shiver in advance, this practice will give you a feeling of well-being and the very appreciable impression of being in a cocoon , the time of a session.


Warning: hot stone massage is contraindicated in case of pregnancy, acute asthma, arterial diseases, acute infections. If in doubt, seek the advice of a doctor.


Stone dance...

Comfortably lying on a professional table, the massaged person discovers a unique and unforgettable ritual. The technique of hot stone massage consists of heating the stones to a temperature of around 50°C and then placing them on key points of the body . Others are used to massage the skin directly with more or less intensity and depth depending on individual sensitivity. The stones glide over the delicately oiled skin, they brush, knead, loosen, rub, vibrate and transmit calm and relaxation...

Pohaku means "stone", "rock" in the Hawaiian language and gives its name to the massage performed with hot basalt stones . It is also more commonly called hot stone massage or stone therapy or hot rock massage.


This massage, which has been developing recently in Europe, is however not born yesterday: it belongs to the ancestral healing rituals of Native Americans and Hawaiians .

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