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Balinese Massage - Urut Pijat

1h or 1h30

Complete massage, at the same time invigorating, relaxing and energetic, which allows to evacuate the stress, but also to penetrate its interior being. Balinese massage has its origins in the rich history of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. They have in common the same holistic vision of the person and the conviction that well-being and health depend on the right balance of energies circulating in us and around us. Designed as a treatment in its own right, these massages are recognized for their effectiveness.

This ancestral massage aims to restore the balance between soul and body. It combines acupressure and stretching with Western maneuvers such as kneading, smoothing and effleurage. Using a vegetable oil associated with essential oils,  the masseur performs long supported movements that drain and improve circulation.

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