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Ayurvedic massage, ABHYANGA

1 hour  or 1h30

Ayurvedic massage comes, as its name suggests, from Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine. Like yoga , meditation or the use of natural products and plants, it is one of the many techniques on which this medicine is based, which is more than 5,000 years old but is still practiced today and recognized. by the World Health Organization.

Like traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda considers that the body and the mind are closely linked and considers the being as a whole. According to this medicine, the body is traversed by "a vital breath", called Prâna. When this energy flow is disturbed, in particular by stress or an unhealthy lifestyle, the body suffers from many dysfunctions ( headaches , transit, pain, malaise, etc.).

By acting through pressure and other movements on certain parts of the body, massages aim to restore the circulation of this vital breath.

The benefits of Ayurvedic massage

Beyond its physical benefits, this act of love and attention will, through touch, nourish the body, the senses and the soul at all ages of life. An Ayurvedic massage, beyond its relaxing virtues, offers you many other benefits  :

- - gives a beautiful luster to your skin  ;
  - tones and relaxes your muscle tissues, nourishes your skin  ;
  - increases your body heat and improves your blood and lymphatic circulation  ;
  - increases and releases the flow of oxygen to the tissues  ;
  - participates in the elimination of waste from your body ;
  - increases your resistance to disease by improving the immune response  ;
  - gives your body a feeling of lightness and energy  ;
  - improves your posture by making your joints more flexible  ;
  - relaxes your spine, improving the transmission of nerve impulses to your organs and your entire body  ;
  - increases your sexual vitality and strength  ;
  - corrects the flow of electromagnetic energy through your body
  - increases your concentration and intelligence  ;
  - gives you self-confidence and a better awareness of your body  ;
  - regenerates and preserves youth.

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