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Jessica Sotgiu

Practitioner and Trainee, Balinese Massage

Modules 1-4 Kahuna Siri Massage since 2019

A rich and complete training led by Siri who shows great presence throughout this adventure and whose transmission is done with Benevolence and Love.

A real journey to the heart of oneself and petelins, going from practice to philosophy through food (a real explosion of flavor in the mouth) and that goes without forgetting this wonderful cottage in the middle of a sublime forest setting, everything is there!

But still a nice meeting with the ohana.


Magus Wazni

Balinese Massage, Ayurvedic and Thai Plantar Reflexology Intern since 2020

"  A need for change brought me to Siri for Balinese massage training without really knowing where I was going. Then, his energy, his pedagogy, his infinite love for well-being and learning were like a revelation for me.  …   I left the course with an inner peace and the deep desire to continue on this path, as an evidence.  🥰


Claudine Cautain

Practitioner and Trainee Kahuna Siri Massage Modules 1-5 and Balinese Massage since 2020


"I wanted to change my life, I found  what I needed in the massage training given by Siri:
+ a precise technique whose effects go beyond the simple physical benefit felt,
+ a depth in the relationship with the other, both in the massage and during the training in said massage,
+ personal work on my emotions, my place in the relationship with others, my ability to concentrate, pay attention, feel, and so many other aspects that we grind with happiness during this training.
          I came out of this kahuna siri massage training with a strength and determination in me that I did not know I had. This is my new profession, which allows me to - finally - adhere to the desired way of life.
         This massage is an art and the teaching given by Siri an art of living! "
About the Balinese training, it was 3 days of happiness and relaxation: the warmth of your home, the warmth of the fireplace, the warmth of the small group, the warmth of shared meals, the relaxation of the massage received, the relaxation the massage we give, the happiness of being in nature, and always your smile and your professionalism!
  Thanks again.

Caroline Fabre MOD 4.jpg


Modules 1- 5 Kahuna Siri Massage since 2017

caroline fabre

I recommend the Kahuna Siri Massage training which allows you to acquire a fabulous technique as well as a better knowledge of yourself!
This is a real path to personal fulfillment :) It's much more than a massage training.

Siri transmits her passion with a lot of love and kindness. His good humor, his joy and his tenacity are contagious!!
There is an atmosphere of respect and trust which allows you to be comfortable in each practice (dance, meditation, massage)
Each module is a new Aloha-filled adventure.




Modules 1- 5 Kahuna Siri Massage since 2018

Ayurvedic Massage, Thai Plantar Reflexology

Nawal Boutchi

Thank you for integrating this massage in France.
I'm so happy to have crossed paths with Siri.

It's a great learning.
The Kahuna Siri Training is just perfect for me, it includes everything I want to develop in the field of well-being. I couldn't have dreamed better!
A beautiful artistic mix when we see you practicing it with music, dance, singing, of course massage and also this particular intention, the Divine Will 🧚 ♀️ we feel it!

It brings together more than a massage, it is a philosophy close to an ideal of life, when one acquires all the essence from the fundamental source.. To discover!

It is very rewarding to learn alongside you.
A sweet scent of freedom and happiness emanates all around you.
We come out of these moments of exceptional sharing, grow and more confident for the future.

Long live your school, it does a lot of good.
As much as we receive it or give it, this massage is magical as if suspended in the stars 🙏 THANK YOU


Trainee up to modules 1- 2 Kahuna Siri Massage since 2019

Sebastien Veillon

The Kahuna Siri Massage training offered by Siri is much more than an apprenticeship in massage techniques. It is an authentic teaching and knowledge that Siri shares with us with her heart and immense benevolence. Her passion for massage is felt and she knows how to get us into the spirit of Aloha so dear to Hawaiians. Before participating in module 1 and 2 I was already practicing Hawaiian massage. However, this training still taught me a lot about Lomi Lomi. Siri is a wonderful and great teacher (kumu).
I can't wait to be at the next modules and to continue this magnificent adventure 👐🌈
Aloha mahalo 🌺🌴💜


Elodie Marie

Practitioner and Trainee

Modules 1- 3 Kahuna Siri Massage since 2018

Siri is an exceptional trainer I acquired level 1, 2 and 3, very beautiful love experience, sharing it feels good. Discovery of massage maneuvers very pleasant good communion between the massaged and the masseur. It is a wonderful journey of body and mind .  I recommend Siri eyes closed 😍


Laurence Verbois


Modules 1- 4 Kahuna Siri Massage since 2018

Receiving this massage is an unforgettable journey, but learning to give it is a gift. Beyond its knowledge and its techniques, Siri makes us travel to the heart of ourselves and transmits so much to us. Each stage of training is a unique moment. A complete training, an exceptional sharing, rich exchanges. Thank you life for putting Siri on my way.

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