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Ayurvedic Massage Training 40H, 2 modules

Prerequisites Completion and certification of the training "Initiation to well-being conscious massages" or another massage training will be required.

Be of legal age and speak French correctly both orally and in writing.  

Inform the trainer of any ongoing medical follow-up.

A telephone or in-person interview is mandatory for all interested persons before registering for the training in order to see their motivations for starting one or more of our training courses and pursuing a career as a well-being massage practitioner.


Minimum of 4 people and maximum of 8 people per training.

Objective Methodological learning of basic movements and gestures in order to perform an Ayurvedic massage adapted to customers in France lasting 1 hour, 1 hour 30 minutes or 2 hours.

Duration of training -  5 days 40H,

From April 9-11 and May 21-22, 2022

Training price - 600€

Times Training days begin at 9am and end at 6pm , with one hour lunch breaks. 

Registration Contact Siri directly by phone to register. She will send you all the necessary documents in order to register.
Ll documents for the training will be well signed and given no later than 2 weeks before the training. Your registration and place in the training will be taken into account and confirmed by email when your registration and deposit have been received by the training organization. At the time of confirmation of the training you will be sent a training booklet and details on the course of the training.  

Training site -  Ampus, 83111 address given after registration

Eating places and transport-

The meal(s) are not covered by the training organisation.  Transport between the place of training and each trainee is not the responsibility, nor supported by the training organization.

Course schedule - The massage techniques will first be shown on a sequence-by-sequence model. Then the participants will practice with a pair, alternating between each new gesture. At each session the pairs will rotate in order to practice on different bodies. You wear bottom underwear for this practice and then a small towel to cover the chest for women. If you have specific needs, contact Siri preferably before the course, to find out how we can adapt to your needs.

Photos and videos will not be permitted or provided. Prepare to turn off all cell phones and internet access for the duration of the course.


Technical means - Detailed course support in original photos is given to each participant

Necessary materials to bring for the duration of the training -

  • 2 sheets/beach towel or plaids in winter, one to cover the table and one for your body.

  • Rubber bands/clips to tie up your hair, headband to keep all hair away from your face.

  • A tote bag to keep your massage things together in the room

  • Clothing suitable for massage. It is preferable to wear dark-coloured clothes that are fairly close to the body, tank top style, in order to limit contact with the massage oil, which will be widely used.

  • Pen, pencil and free notebook

We provide during the internship

  • The massage tables

  • Massage oils (grapeseed, coconut, sesame and olive)

  • Sanitary, toilet and bathroom

  • herbal teas throughout the course (body/mind purification)

  • a professional Ayurvedic Massage booklet with the gestures of the protocol and the theory of practice

  • sharing our hearts

  • massage lessons

  • our attention and care

  • answers to questions, as far as possible

Assessment methods - On the last day of the course, you will practice a full one-hour Ayurvedic Massage session so that Siri can check your skills in this massage. If successful, there will be a delivery of a certificate of (40H) to the Ayurvedic Massage to close the training. In the event of failure, the trainee will have the possibility of reappearing in order to validate his skills in practice. A date will be agreed between the training organization and the trainee so that the latter can have time to revise. Plan an additional half day which will be invoiced at the rate of 80€.

Useful information - Drinks and snacks are included in the price of our courses.  Bring your water to stay well hydrated. Lunches are obviously not covered. However, for the sake of conviviality, cohesion and exchanges, we suggest that you take lunch together.

The techniques and experiences of Ayurvedic Massage ...

   Gestures and maneuvers on the whole body with a step-by-step protocol
   Monitoring your body to keep your back straight and your body relaxed
   Learning to transfer weight in your body
   Listen to her needs
At the end of the course you will be able to perform an Ayurvedic massage protocol of an hour or an hour and a half, see 2 hours.
  There will be a 20 or 30 minute head, shoulder, neck and face massage protocol.

NB: the term "massage" used refers to practices aimed at relaxation and well-being only. The massages taught have no medical or paramedical purpose. They should not be confused with therapeutic massages which can only be practiced by physiotherapist masseurs.
NB: Kahuna Siri Massage Formation is not yet a school approved by the FFMBE (French Federation of Massages-Wellness), but this does not prevent you from being an FFMBE approved practitioner, and from joining the FFMBE or have professional insurance, for this you must provide proof of:
- 200 hours of training in Massages-Well-Being + 1 year of activity in Massages-Well-Being declared or justified in France or abroad in both cases
or - 3 years of professional experience declared in France or abroad
  in the field of Massage-Well-Being

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